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  • stretches writing paw* This'll be like a memorial story. The Thunder Queen will still be updated, though.

A shower of bubbles clouded Rayna's vision as she was submerged into the water, tickling her face, very nearly making her sneeze and inhale water. She put her paws out, the strokes she was taught quickly turning into flails. The bubbles had gone now, leaving only clear, weed-choked water. Right when she had decided to take a breath and submit to the current did strong paws lift her out.

Gasping as she broke the surface, Rayna shook her head and grinned at her father. "One more time! I can do it!"

Aquark looked down at her, trying not to frown with worry. For an otter, Rayna was very inexperienced in a running current. She had squirmed and screamed when her mother, Breen, had tried to wash her as a cub. Nothing was wrong with the maid except for the fact that she, unlike all of the Brookbend clan, had an untold fear of water that she couldn't explain. She had only wanted to try after she saw her friends and kinsbeasts having races, exploring, learning how to fight with javelins and tails.

When he saw Rayna looking intently at the horizon,the ocean shining brilliantly from the sun's last rays, he gave a small smile and sighed.

He set her down in the water again, mumbling all the while. "A breath every five seconds, y'hear, not earlier, or ye'll panic more - but don't stretch it widout me present. Swim down t'the bend an' give a call."

Alight with happiness, Rayna twisted into the bank. With a cry of "M'awight!" and lots of backpaw splashing, the little otter was riding with the current, counting to what she thought was five each time before surfacing and continuing on.

To her great disappointment, the sharp curve in the water came quickly. She pointed herself at the land jetting out, and with paws forward, scrabbled up onto the dirt.

Beaming, she looked at the sky. It was much darker here than at her beginning spot. Peering around, Rayna saw something glinting dully on the ground, round and smooth. An earring.

Thinking it a good souvenir on the first of many journeys, she tried to pick it up - Only to have a low moan of pain escape from an animal very close by.