I have always wanted to write a fanfic about the six warlords, so I guess I will write a possible intro for Castille and Arklor. You will have to excuse the fact that I can't write in a spanish accent for Castille. By the way,Castille's real name is Slawn, but he finds it very humiliating for some very odd reason.

A storm raged as the Great Fleet of Castille made its way to Salamandastron. On his enormous galleon flagship, Captain Castille looked across the ocean for a sign of land. He wore a large conquistadore style helmet and makeshift body armor and a silver breastplate. In his belt was a very unique sword, a cutlass with a rapier-like basket hilt, and strapped to his left arm was a small buckler. His vague, almost soulless eyes moved left to right as his slimy, long tounge slid in and out of his mouth. Castille's first mate, Skrognir the ferret, made his report."I'm here ter make me report, Cappen Slawn- I mean Castille Raptooth."


"Uhhh, sorry cappen. I just wanted to say that Lookout Whitey has spotted ships on the horizon!"

"What? Ships, ye say? Don't just stand there, bring me ter Whitey!"

In fact, the ships on the horizon were the Viking Drakkars of Arklor the Invincible. The large mongoose stood at the front of his Drakkar,The Black Dragon, and was a very formidable sight. He wore very bizarre armor for a Viking, a brass mask with copper bladelike horns jutting out to the sky, with full armor everywhere else on his body,and also a red cape. One of his raiders pointed to the horizon and said, "Milord, there appears teh be an enormous fleet on the horizon!" "Then prepare for battle!" Arklor said with a grin under his brass mask. Howling with evil laughter he shouted,"Nobody can survive a fight with Arklor the Invincible! HAHAHAHAAAAR!"

Whitey, another ferret, was pure white and served as a lookout for the Captain. However, he was very stupid and suffered from memory loss. Castille and Skrognir climbed to the crow's nest to have a look at the ships. "What have ye got ter show us, Whitey?" asked Castille. "There's a large fleet of ships with dragon heads on 'em, or summink like that." Castille grabbed the telescope from Whitey and had a look for himself. "Who's that guy doing some kind of wierd dance on his ship?" asked Skrognir. "That's me ole sailin' buddy, Arklor the Invincible," Said Castille in a scornful voice. "Tell the crew to get their weapons!"

                                                     To be continued...
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