Here it is! Castille and Arklor part two! The grammar is better now! So, as we left off, Captain Castille is on his way to Salamandastron, but Arklor the Invincible is hot on his tail. Read to see what happens! I'm sure you'll be surprised.

"What are ye doin' jest sitten there! MOVE!" Captain Castille shouted at Skrognir and Whitey. The two ferrets saluted and ran off to get their weapons to defend against the vikings. As soon as Whitey got his spear, he ran to the crow's nest to get a better look at those strange dragon headed ships. Skrognir soon followed, and they looked at the massive fleet through the telescope.

Nearing Castille's fleet, Arklor the Invincible shouted to his crew. "Row harder! Get yore backs inter it!" he roared. He pulled out his gigantic battle axe and prepared to board the galleon flagship of Castille. He rose his brass mask so everyone could see his fearsome bearded face. His disgusting yellow teeth showed as he smiled with a mix of scorn and evil joy. Arklor's orange eyes glinted like two bronze medallions as the hostile ships got closer and closer. Finally! he thought. I can show Castille how I really feel about him!

As The Black Dragon and Castille's Flagship got right next to each other,however, it became more and more clear that the two captains were not going to fight, but reunite as good friends. Arklor got onto the massive galleon and gave his old sailing friend a big hug. "Castille, me ole mate! Come here and give yer friend Arklor a hug!"

"Haharr, Arklor, yer still an ole bloodspiller, aren't ye!"

"We can become a single force, sailin' like ole buddies again!"

And sure enough, they did. The two fleets sailed side by side, nearing the Salamandastron coast one day at a time. Arklor and Castille made a vow to always be together as co-captains of the Navy of the Six Warlords!

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