From the writings of Recorder Helza, of Redwall Abbey in Mossflower Country:

"Ahh, the days fly by very quickly. The ones who were young are now elders and and quite behaved. Our Abbess Mittee is a rather nice Abbey leader. But we all moan over her mother Abbess Perrit's death a lot."
"But she was avenged, not by any maiden, a fox maiden. The one Perrit found and raised in this Abbey. She went on a quest to find the one who killed our precious leader. With the help of a dibbun squirrel Revena and a her friend a otter Cleon. But this is about the fox's legend, about how she risked her life to save somebody she loved. Who said a fox had to be a vermin, eh? This is her tale....Ziranna's Tale..."

Book 1: The Daughter of the Flame

Chapter 1

Inside of Redwall Abbey, all abbey beast were fast asleep and dreaming peacefully. But one abbey dweller wasn't. Ziranna, a young foxmaid who Abbess Perrit had rescued out of Mossflower Woods, was turning around and around in her bed. She awoke with a jump."Uhh, my head!"
She got up and slowly walked into Great Hall. She sat under the Tapestry of Martin the Warrior.
"Martin...dear Martin.., can you tell me of the fox I see in my slumber?"she asked. Martin's brown eyes just looked and with no answer. But Ziranna sat, watching.
Eyes slowly closing, mind spinning, Ziranna started to slump down into a sleep. Before she dozed into a sleeping dream, she thought she saw Martin's head turn and look at her...
Ziranna...dear Ziranna..,
The fox you see,
Will be with you,
Till eternity!
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