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Book 1: The Maiden[]

Chapter 1[]

Queen Zanta

Queen Zanta sat on her king-sized chair in the new Fort Marshank. A sword and a ripped tunic, she was no queen! Owning slaves and being lazy was all she did.
Her stomach growled."Arh, hungry again. Star!!!"she called, ringing a small bell.


The young badger Star, or Stella her real name, came in. She wore a gold dress, her eyes gold, and had her foot-paws chained up, which was from the wall."Here!"she growled.
Zanta grabbed the apple from Stella."Dance.."she said. Stella sat, not moving at all."Did you hear me, dance!"Zanta snarled. She tugged on Stella's chains, taking her down. Zanta approached her,"I said dance Star."
"My name isn't Star, it's Stella!!"screamed Stella as she lunged at Zanta, sinking her teeth and claws in her leg."The only star I have is the one on my neck!"she was speaking of the star birthmark on her neck. That was why she was Zanta's personal slave.
"Fradez!! Giteyes!!"called Zanta as she pushed Stella away;the badger had gone bloodwrath! Two ferrets came and hit the poor badger with swords and daggers."Did we feed the pikes today Fradez?"asked Zanta.
Fradez put his paw at his chin."Hmmm, no ma'rm."Giteye nodded in agreement.
"Well they're going to have a great snack of badger tomorrow! HAHAHA!!"laughed Zanta.

A badger was just outside of Zanta's window, watching her, Fradez, Giteyes, and Stella. Mostly Stella....


He ran to where more badgers were."Zanta said that Stella will be feed to the pikes in the morrow Bellaclaw"he said.
The badger sighed."Huh, thank you Billdren. We will have to get Stella out of there tonight."said Bellaclaw. She grabbed her bow and arrows."She escapes tonight!"she said in a even darker tone.


That night Stella was in her cell. The walls were brick and old."Feeding me to the pikes, eh! What the-!?"she said as some bricks on the wall started to fall. She approached the hole in the wall. Nothing outside."Hm, maybe just it just gave way. Ahhaa!!"she screamed as a arrow went in her chest. She fell.
Bellaclaw and Billdren sat outside the hole."W.....why did you do that Bellaclaw?!"questioned Billdren as he ran in and got Stella out the Fort.
"If we tried to force her, she wouldn't come because she will think she would get in more trouble by escaping. So I had to do it."Bellaclaw said walking into the woods. Still baffled of what he saw, Billdren followed, holding Stella.