Crimbillian Mukkelbin

aka Crimbly of the Crimbiltons

  • I live in Westminster, England
  • I was born on June 13
  • My occupation is Reader
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  • Crimbillian Mukkelbin

    Okay! Here we go, the official start of my Fan Fiction!

    Disclaimer: This is a Fan Fiction; not to be used to make a prophet or in anyway to gain money. I am not affiliated with Brain Jacques in anyway ... That counts as a disclaimer, doesn't it?

    ~Crimbly Mukkelbin

    Farsoom knew he shouldn't have been wandering the corridors of Redwall Abbey after dark, where they wasn't the occasional hare looking for his dinner, or an otter heading out to the pond for a cooling swim. The dibbuns were tucked away in the dormitories, not out in the lawn, and their Abbey Warrior Arlo wasn't in the Great Hall, memorizing the image of Martin the Warrior's Tapestry in his head.

    Everything was quiet as every-beast slept heavily in their chamber.

    Every-beast except Fars…

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