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never again will I wite at least not in the near future please only comment if you rely rely want more hadnt much time lasty but hpoing to have an update on the missing eight seasons soon some time within the near future

Today is the 1st day of summer (October)


Just now from where I sit under the ash tree by the pond I can hear our Abbey Bells ring as they strike two o'clock. My paws shake with joy for today is when I become a true member of Redwall Abbey. Oh, have I not told you that we are having a great feast in honor of Abbess Songbreeze Swifteye. She is in her second season as Abbess. My mother is so happy I think she shall burst. She keeps saying "Oh, who would have known one of my children would become... Oh my! I can't tell you, it's still a surprise." Well now I have seen everything. My own mother who is normally so quiet jumping up and down with delight. Ha! Somebeast comes near me so I must put away my quill, ink and pad for I think its the Abbess,I will tell you later. For now I bid you fare well. Yours truly Wildflower daughter to Joyeye and Rildon.

Later the same day

'Sorry I could not get away from the feast any but Ive still not been able to find out what the surprise is I must get back to the feast now the Abbess is calling me from out the window one again I bid you fare well (as soon as I know I will tell you)... Wildflower daughter to Joyeye and Rildon.

A few hours later

'I have been given the Task of Redwall recordr recorder what a great Privilege ohh my paw are in my ink and I Spilled it. BONG BONG. I must go now I do wonder what the matter is,but before I do I give you my new name.' Wilflower Recorder of redwall abbey

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