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All the slaves in the Kingdom of Malkariss were doing what they always did to keep there hopes up, telling stories. A tribe of Squirrels had been taken unaware and make slaves that day.

"Have you herd the story of Martin the Warrior?"

"Yes, that has always been a favorite in our tribe."

"What about the story of Elmtail, brother of Felldoh?"

"No, we have not."

"Then that is the one I will tell you."

Book 1: The raiders from the sea[]

Chapter 1[]

Lorg Daskar, older brother of Vilu Daskar. Was thinking about this past. When Lorg and Vilu left the training rock (A small island that was only stone) they both left with a lot of slaves and ship (Lorg named his ship Seascarab and Vilu named his bigboat out of wanting a larger ship) and a small crew. Vilu had chose to row to the closest island that had trees to use his slaves to build a much larger ship than he had. Where as Lorg had left to find a bigger crew and then mainland that he could raid and then take and set himself as king.

Lorg had a large crew now and was going for his first raid. He normally would have been happy about this but right now he was in a bad mood. Why you ask, because he had just found out that the mutiny was real. He had caught a rat that had a tried to assassinate him, or rather, his first mate Badrang had.

As he started questioning the rat about the ringleader the rat threw himself into the sea, and was devoured by a shark. Behind him a rat named Tramun Clogg smiled.

Later that day land was spotted and identified by a rat who they had picked up as the north shores. Lorg and Badrang and a few loyal others as well as all the slaves when to the shore to build a small base that they would command the raids from. (About this time Vilu Daskar attacks Luke the warriors tribe) And a weasel looked for the ship to see if it had drifted saw something that made him almost die inside, or in other word saw nothing that made him almost die in side, the ship was gone. He ran back to report to Lorg.