Prologue: Escape!

Pouring rain washed down in impenetrable sheets, blinding the young mousemaid as she ran, nonstop, trying to evade her pursuers. Shouts could be heard as the vermin gave chase. Running faster, she clutched the small bundle closer to her. Then she slipped on a wet patch of grass and fell, rolling under the roots of a nearby oak tree she hid until the sounds got quieter, then all was silent but for the pounding rain.

Chapter One

Night was just descending over Mossflower Wood, casting long shadows through the treetops to the forest floor. In Mosswood Village, Terth the mouse blacksmith was just finishing work on some farming implements for one of the farmer mice of the village. His wife, Nenrie the village healer came over to him and said, "Terth, come with me!" as she led him to their home she continued, "I was gathering herbs over by the lake when I heard a soft wailing coming from a patch of reeds. When I went to investigate I found this poor little bundle all alone so I took her home with me." Once they reached their dwelling she showed him a little mousebabe wrapped in a fine, beaded shawl.

"Poor mite," said Terth, looking at the sleeping infant. The babe whimpered and stirred. Nenrie picked her up and held her close, singing to her in a soft voice.
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