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Redwall Wiki | Brian Jacques and Redwall Information
Redwall Wiki | Brian Jacques and Redwall Information

Acknowledgements: ~To Brian Jacques, Who inspired so many stories within me. I wish I could have met him. May he have known the Lord, and may he rest in Heaven. To my forrest friends: the groundhog, the skunk, the sapsucker, the deer, the squirrels, the mice, and the birds. For making my time at the stable (waiting), so humorous and interesting. To my dearest friend, my horse, Belle, for being a sweetheart and my comfort during the time of troubles. To all my animal and human friends, to numerous to count. And last, but NOT least, to my Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, for His blessings and for taking my sins upon the cross when he was innocent; dying; and rising again on the third day.~

                               The Two Sisters of Redwall
                                     By Dazzle365                                 
                            The idea of Mossflower Woods, 
                            Redwall, and Salamandastron,
                            are those by Brian Jacques.
                            All other ideas, characters,
                            and personality traits are by
                            Dazzle365. No copying is
                            permitted without permission
                            of Dazzle365. No crediting is
                            permitted except those by Dazzle365.