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Chapter 1[]

A squirrel maid was wielding a deadly claymore at a beast; it was another squirrel. He moved back and fourth with a cutlass; not one blow touch him. Swinging the wonderful, long claymore, he grabbed it and twisted it out the maid's paws. She fell,"I'm sorry. . I-I should have-".
"What you should have done was use that shield of yours instead of defending yourself with the blade! Zola,"he sighed as she looked down to her unmoved shield in her other paw."When I asked you if you wanted to become a warrior instead of getting married, I though you can actually live up to the Jukkan Warrior's title."
"But I-,"Zola hesitated."I-I don't want to become a old squirrel when I can live up to our title. Please;Chieftain Tanem, father I beg of you!"
Tanem let out another sigh."The other day, Jinde asked for my saying that he can marry you,"
"Please!"begged Zola.
"And I told him I'll get your saying. But after your lesson today, your saying doesn't matter. Get up; we have to get back for dinner!"Tanem picked up the claymore and left the weeping Zola. She just laid a horrible saying for Jukkan Warrior's history.

The Jukkan Tribe of squirrel was located in the middle of The Northern Woods. It had squirrels of old and young. Zola stormed into a small hut.
Inside was Jinde, Tanem, her mother Zunna, and her brother Fuli."What's going on in here?"
Jinde approached her."Will you actually marry me?"he was very handsome and tall. Also with big dark brown eyes.
Zola bit her tongue hard; making blood full her mouth. She glanced at Tanem."Yes, I will marry. . .you,"she spat out. Some blood flooded out and Jinde backed away.
Zunna clapped her paws."Yes she will and what a fine couple you two will be! Two celebrations tonight;one for my daughter and the other for Fuli."
"Why one for him?"Zola asked interested.
Tanem stepped fourth."Because he becoming Jukkan Warrior."Zola's beautiful face became red with anger. She ran out; Jinde and Zunna followed.

Zola sat in a tree; sobbing with anger and hate because of Tanem passing on the title of Jukkan Warrior.
Jinde and Zunna came from under; they sat next to her."Are you okay Zola?"asked Jinde; he sounded worried.
Zola reassured him."I-I'm fine. Just a little, s-sad. . . "
Zunna and Jinde shared glances."Tell me Zola; what's the matter?"
"Oh, mum! Father said I can't become Jukkan Warrior,"he sniffed up a tear."And he toke my claymore."
Jinde hugged her tight."Even if you don't live up to our costume, you'll be Jukkan Warrior in my book."he said.
Zola's sprite went up. She hugged Jinde and Zunna. Then they heard a horn blow; dinner time. Suddenly they heard a loud CRACK! and them and they branch they sat on fell.
They hit the ground. All they did was laugh and rushed off to dinner.