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A fox ran through Mossfower. A sword in his paw, he kept glancing back. A squirrel was quickly gaining on him. He stopped and faced his foe.
"Silly squirrel, who are ya?"
"Deria Treejumper, your live ends here fox."
The fox showed no fear, but Deria could still see it."Why will my life end here?"
"I saw what you did to that old mouse, so I now avenge her death!"Deria threw a javelin into the fox's heart. She grabbed it, twisted it, and the fox's heart came out as she pulled.
She stared into the fox's dead eyes."I'm Deria Treejumper...Guardian of Mossflower."

Book 1: Mossflower Awaits Death[]

Chapter 1[]

In Mossflower Woods was Redwall Abbey. All the beast were doing regular chores. Abbess Perrit was watching her Abbey like a falcon, making sure nothing is wrong.
"Mrs. Perrit, Furff and Dugry are acting up again!"said Columbine, the dibbuns leader."They act like children still! Will they ever grow up?"
"Ha, you just have to deal with it Columbine. Sooner or later, the two are going to have a world awaking."Just then, the squuirrlmaid and mole came running over.
"Mrs. Columbine, Dugry was stung in his mouth by a bee! Ha!"Furff laughed. Dugry nodded in agreement. He opened his mouth and his tongue was puffy.
"Oh, boy!"Columbine slapped her head."Come on Dugry."
Streamfire Riverdog sat on a rock. Behind her was The Riverdog Holt. Her father, Chieftain Forseek, was mad with her. She didn't want to get married to handsome otter Tugger.
"Why Streamfire? Why'a won' ya wed the handsome lad?"
"Because daddy, I'm not ready. I'm'a gonna find someone I want t'wed!"
"But Tugger asked me first, and I say yes! Marry him Streamfire!"
Forseek gave a sigh."Ya gonna want t'wed him soon Streamfire. Soon!"He then walked away mad with anger.
Tugger had been listening."So ya don't want t'marry me?"
Streamfire turned."Oh Tugger, if I would marry anyone otter lad, it will be ya."she kissed him on the cheek."But I'm just not ready t'."
She had brightened his sprite and he walk away feeling better. But Streamfire was telling the truth. She wasn't ready!