A grizzled stoat sat around a fire speaking to a young stoat; not quite a babe but still not an adult. "Tell me about Mossfover woods." "Hmmmm............" the old one. He began:

Chapter 1 --- Redwall was humongous. But just as the name bespoke of something magical, so did the inhabitants. Well, they were not much different from a regular creature but the warriors who served Redwall were considered better skilled than the warriors then served under the mighty Lord Verduaga. But the line of Martin, the founding line, were special indeed. Taller than your average mouse and bigger, they had the lineage of mighty warriors and so it was in their very blood to be strong, tall, and powerful. Martin, grandson of Martin son of Mattimeo, was no exception. His mother was the very picture of Laterose, her ancestor wife of Martin. It was his father Martin inherited his looks from. Tall and sinewy with black fur, he had lean muscles all over with no trace of any fat. He was as agile as any squirrel, swam like an otter, and was known for his intelligence, and wisdom by all, for his father was the best tactician ever known. The reson he had so many skills because like one of his role models he was a taggerung,recognized by the scar over his left eye.

Chapter 2

The deep laugh resounded sounded in the wall from a fersome figure. Tall with white and piercing blue eyes, he was huge. Packed with huge mucles, the fox had a tail like a broom. He wore black leather armor with mail protection and his main weapon was obviously a huge broadsword that once belonged to Lord Brocktree. Salmandastron had been looted. It was cleverly planned, so cleverly the hares were so fooled that they thought a poision gas had spread so they fled in a surprisingly short time. Soon Mossflower learned fear the name. Adderfang.

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