A lone badger trudged across a large stretch of barren land, east of Mossflower Wood. The badger was thin and gaunt. He was almost a lifeless figure, stark bones stuck out from his black fur. Three long pink slashes ran down his back, blood still spurting from the wound, leaving a trail of blood behind him. This badger needed to be treated fast, or else he would die. The only thing, which added the slightest essence of life to the creature, was the fiery light in his eyes. It could not be ignored. He wasn’t going to give up. The badger stumbled on a sharp rock, which jutted out from the dry land. He fell on his face. A slight groan escaped the sad creature and he tried to get on to his feet. But he could not. A tear ran down his cheek and splashed on the ground, leaving a dampened spot on the parched ground. Soon more came, creating a puddle around his head, mingling with the blood from his wounds.

This was Anno.

The badger lay down, realizing that it would be impossible to get up. He felt as if all spirit was gone. He thought he was going to die.

This was Anno.

The creature’s eyes closed and he began to see a vision. A blinding light flashed by him, stunning him for a moment. It eventually drifted away and a picture of a mouse came into view. The mouse looked strong and courageous, but kind and compassionate. He held in his hand a long sword with a red pommel stone on the hilt. The mouse smiled at him, and began to speak. “I am Martin the Warrior. Do not give up. You will not die. Live!” Then, the mouse faded away into the darkness, giving the badger peace for a moment. Suddenly, the badger’s eyes flickered open and a surge of energy flew through him. He got up with no effort and continued walking…walking…walking.

For this was Anno.

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