Balefur watched in horror as his two comrades hurled hemselves into the pool and the clutches of the adders. Breaking down into a cold sweat, he hoped to not go insane with the sight of so many adders in one place. He stood as still as he could, hoping they wouldn't notice him. Just as he began to creep closer to the entrance, he heard an infernal hissing. Not the hissing of the adders in the cavern, but a deeper, more sinister hiss of death. Looking behind himself, all the color drained out of Balefur's face, for coiled in front of him was an adder easily the size of several houses. He guessed he had found the lord of the adders. The adder gave him a look that hypnotized him. The eyes...they were so deep, so odd, so....Balefur shook himself from his stupor just as a young adder sprung from its place behind Balefur. Dodging out of the way, Balefur almost landed on another adult adder. Looking at it, Balefur noticed that it was missing its right eye! It couldn't see him! Taking advantage of that fact, Balefur turned ran past the adder, towards the center of the cavern. It was only then that Balefur saw something that stopped him dead in his tracks. Inside one of the adder's coils was one of his companions. Still alive, the poor fox's last words were simply " Help me!" Balefur ran past, almost retching at the sight of the fox's squirming body in the adder's coils. Suddenly, it dawned on him. Why was'nt the giant adder following him? Looking back, he found the answer. The young adder that had jumped at him had sunk its fangs into the giant adder. This initiated a feeding frenzy, giant adder versus all the smaller ones. Taking his chance, he ran towards the entrance. Half way up the passage, Balefur stopped to look back. To his surprise, the one-eyed adder was following him! Running for his life, Balefur tripped on a rock. Falling, Balefur knew his time had come. Looking back, he closed his eyes, awaiting his death ............


Expecting something to happen, Balefur opened his eyes.Except, instead of their being the one-eyed snake, there was instead, the dead carcass of it.


Not waiting to find out, Balefur continued running toward the entrance.



Balefur ran as far as he could from the quarry, only to find his horde had left him behind.

Looking to the sky Balefur swore vengeance against that seer, Nightshade.

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