A stoat lay lazily near the fire, smiling up at the stars. "Wot's new, mate?" A ferret strolled over to him. "Oh, the usual, Green, the usual" The ferret grinned. "Wot's usual?" Northstarr, the stoat, laughed at his friend. "The wind's blowin', the air's cold, the fire's dyin',Urthtail's snoring `er `ead off" Feris, the ferret, pushed Northstarr playfully. "Oh, yeah, well I `eard yore sis's drunk agin" Northstarr looked around. "Huh?" Feris chuckled into his paw. "Ha, jus' jokin', but I'll see ya in the mornin', we'll be movin' out soon, Vison's orders" The stoat winked roguishly at his pal, "Well, good night"


Captain Greff Burnside Swordborn Mcgul looked out the window at the sea. He sighed. Too quiet. Unusual for sea vermin to not be near the mountain parading their ships' around. Then the hare saw something: Several creatures where marching towards his mountain. He shouted out towards them. "Ahoy there! Are ye friend or foe?"

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