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This is a fan fiction story by Firetooth. It is not considered canon, nor is it a policy or guideline.

Why does "new story" start a blog, not a story?
Story to come once I get round this (and the name is frustrations btw)
--Firetooth The Fire Cave 17:26, 19 March 2009 (UTC)

Now to story


By Firetooth

It was the dead of night in mossflower woods. Not even a bird chirped. It all seemed peaceful.
But it wasn't.
A cloaked figure slipped through the trees, singing a murderous dirge softly to himself.

"Oh Manco
I've come for you
Killed everyone in sight
just to get to you
now I'm here to get you
whether you like it or not
for what you did to Jonas"

He kept creeping. He stopped. By a tree, a weasel turned in his sleep fitfully. He turned, murmuring "Jonas...Jonas, hold on buddy, just...hold...on"
The cloaked figure dropped his hood, revealing a sleek face. He was a stoat, black from head to toe. He blended in perfectly with the night. From his cloak pocket, he extracted a razor and flicked it open. He crept up to the weasel, then kicked them, hard. He sprang up and bundled him over. Then, his face dropped in suprise and his grip loosened. In shock, he murmered
"Elzar, is that really you?"
Seizing his chance, Elzar bit Manco's paw. Then he kicked him flying, kicked him three times then punched his back. He grabbed the weasel by his throat and held the razor to his throat.
"I saw it. Saw it all. Tell my why I shouldn't kill you now" Elzaar hissed
Manco managed to splutter, trying to pry the paw free "I can explain"
Elzar threw him to the ground, his eyes red with rage "then, please, do"
"Well, it all goes back..."