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(This is after Triss, by Freedom the Warrior)


Princess Daina of the Pure Ferrets sat in her cabin of the ship The Pure One, and was totally bored. She is the only Pure Ferret left in world and she rules with foxes at her side. Daina got out of the cabin and looked at the horizon;a island.
"Set course for that island! We getting more slaves now!"she said, holding a axe. Princess Daina of the Prue Ferrets was coming....!

Book 1: A Warrior Being Held[]

Chapter 1[]

Gawain, a mouse from the sea, sat conversing with his tribe of seamice. Gawain wasn't just leader because of him the eldest, he also the strongest. He's tribe sat in a cave at the North Shores and they all care for their tribe's beast.
But one young mouse didn't care for no one. Freedom, a mouse to Sleeve and Kroova the riverdogs, is nothing but revenge since the ferret Daina killed them, but Gawain saved him from being his slave.
"Freedom, come here ya!"called Gawain's son Donten. Freedom sat sharping his sword in front of the beach."Did ya hear me brah, come here!"just as Donten lunged at him, Freedom moved.
Splash!! Donten hit the water hard."You did it this time little Freedom!"grabbing the hilt of his sword Donten charged at Freedom and both swords met each other. All of the tribe made a circle around the two, most cheering on Donten.
"What'sa matter Donten, cant'cha get me?"Swords clashed as the two fought. Donten started to to breathe hard, and Freedom quickly tackled him."Ha, what'a warrior's son you are!"
"Get off him Freedom!"said Mira, Freedom's best friend."He had enough."she had pulled him away.
"Aww, Freedom's girlfriend comes to get her boyfriend!"said Donten, who had gotten a beaten.
Freedom raised his fist, but Gawain caught him by the wrist."Stop Freedom, I'll handle this."he said, turning to Donten."You have'a some explaining to do. Everyone back to your caves!"the tribe members had went back to their caves. Leaving Gawain and his bad son Donten.
That night back in Freedom's cave, Mira was caring for his black eye around a fire."I told you not to started no more fights Freedom;this is your fifth black eye this season. Though you are'a seamouse and that's what we do.."
Freedom protested."But he lunged at me first! Ya always have do it the easy way-"Mira put her finger at her lips, causing him to go quite.
"Here.."she placed a eye patch on his eye."It was my father's but he passed it down to me. So I give it to you."
Freedom had to get used to using one eye now."But Mira-"she was gone."Mira!"Freedom ran outside the cave. Mira was standing at the beach shore."Mira.."
"Look Freedom!"she screamed as she pointed to a red ship coming in."We have to warn Gawain!"Freedom had already ran to do so.