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Contributed by LordTBT at 8:37PM GMT, 30 June 2012


Redwall: The Adventure Game

This past week, a site for a video game billing itself as Redwall: The Adventure Game debuted at

Last year, we reported that the Redwall Abbey Company was in contractual negotiations with someone for licensing. It would appear these negotiations were fruitful, as the official Facebook page for the game states that the Miller Brothers (Christopher Miller and Alan Miller, best known for their Codebearers book series) are responsible for the product. It states:

The first ever official Redwall game based on the imaginative and epic world of Brian Jacques' books.
Founded by the Miller Brothers, award-winning authors and illustrators, in partnership with Sean Rubin (official Redwall artist) and Lance Priebe (inventor and co-founder of Club Penguin), the Redwall Adventure Game hopes to set the bar high for a new generation adventure games.

Christopher Miller announced on his Twitter months ago he was working on something with illustrator Sean Rubin, this would appear to be the project.

The page also gives a synopsis of the game:

A fantasy adventure game where you control the actions of a Redwall outsider, on his quest to find the Warrior's Star, a mystical relic believed to be recovered by Martin the Warrior long ago. Called by the spirit of Martin himself, you must secretly explore abbey halls, solve ancient riddles and unlock hidden passageways without being discovered in your search of the mysterious treasure. But beware of those who seek the Star for darker purposes. The fate of Mossflower is in your hands. Lead on, brave adventurer. Your quest awaits! is also hosting a contest to win an "exclusive in-game credit + Redwall 20th Anniversary Box set with poster, trading cards and autographed bookplate by Brian Jacques" just for signing up on their e-mail distribution list.

The scheduled release time period is Fall 2012, with a target line of devices including Mac, PC, iPad and mobiles. This does not specify the Droid OS, though.

The most interesting thing about this is that in the past Brian Jacques himself stated that he "dislike[d]" video games and board games. The story sounds intriguing, we'll have more information for you as we learn it.

If the logo is accurate, it would appear as if the main character is a mouse; the artwork indicates that his/her profession is a carpenter. Jared Shear is responsible for concept artwork as well.

Find concept art below:

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