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Brian Jacques

Penguin recently revealed their Spring 2011 catalog, which encompasses the months of January through April, or effectively the first quarter of the year.

However, mysteriously absent from the catalog is forthcoming Redwall novel, The Rogue Crew!

In a previous story, we announced the date for The Sable Quean paperback, which is scheduled for the end of April.

Using history as our guide, Penguin always publishes the paperback version of the most recent Redwall book prior to the new hardcover one. If we are using 2010 as an indicator, the Doomwyte paperback was published approximately a month or so before the new novel.

This lack of a mention of The Rogue Crew in the Spring catalog concerned me, I initially thought perhaps the book would be delayed more than it seemed.

I conducted a bit more research - and was gladly proven wrong.

While The Rogue Crew is not yet listed on Amazon, it is listed on, and they are currently giving the novel a shipping date of May 12, 2011, which by Penguin's calendar standards is right in the beginning of Summer. is also listing the book at current retail price, $23.99, but just like this year, I would expect to see that decrease significantly as we approach release day.

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