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Brian Jacques

First, many are wondering the fate of The Rogue Crew. I have assurances that the publication of The Rogue Crew will be unaffected, so we should plan on seeing the book this coming May as scheduled.

Second, this blog post is meant to list tributes to Brian Jacques from those who knew him or worked with him, or from those who are now well-known in their fields and were inspired by this great man. If you fall into one of those previously mentioned categories and have a web presence where you posted a tribute, OR, you do not have a web presence and have something to contribute, please e-mail me.

  • Alex Kain, contributing writer for Mouse Guard (with tribute image of the Tapestry): here

For fans wishing to write their own blog post tributes or upload fan art tributes, please be sure to add them to the Tributes category.

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