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Redwall. Image via Netflix

Today marks the most exciting Redwall news in quite some time regarding a TV/film adaptation of Redwall: Netflix has officially picked up the rights to the books from Penguin Random House!

According to Deadline: "It is the first time that the film rights to the entire series of books have been held by one company and Netflix has already set to work adapting the stories, signing up Patrick McHale to write a feature. McHale created Cartoon Network’s Over the Garden Wall and is working on Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio."

FURTHER, "Netflix is also plotting a TV series based on the character of Martin the Warrior, a wise and ferocious mouse who co-founded Redwall Abbey along with Abbess Germaine."

That means Netflix is likely adapting a Redwall film and following it up with a Martin the Warrior (or Mossflower) event TV series.

Brian would have been very happy to see that Netflix shares his joy and desire to bring his stories to life as a new universe of films, series and potentially much more for audiences of all ages to enjoy," said Alan Ingram, representative of The Redwall Abbey Company.

“We couldn’t be more delighted to announce this deal,” said Ben Horslen, Fiction Publisher, Penguin Random House Children’s. “These perennially popular stories have been etched onto the hearts of millions of readers, and we are thrilled to partner with Netflix to bring those beloved characters on screen for families worldwide to enjoy.”

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