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Contributed by LordTBT at 3:30 a.m. GMT, 2 November 2020

All five UK Redwall hardcovers

There are five UK hardcover editions of Redwall.

These include the original 1986 version, reprints that were published in 1990 and circa 1994 with slight variations, the illustrated 10th Anniversary edition, and the Author's Limited Edition, which we've covered previously.

The latter two editions are easier to spot - they both have unique ISBNS, and of course the 10th Anniversary edition has a totally new cover.

It's those first three - the original, and its two reprints, that are a bit more difficult to differentiate. You might own a UK edition of Redwall, but is it the 1986 version or one that looks just like it, but was released years later? The Redwall Wiki can help you spot the discrepancies.

Redwall, 1986

We'll start with the original Redwall, published in 1986 in the UK. What's important to note is the £7.95 price in the lower portion of the left jacket flap. Then there's the copyright page. This will change in every edition. If you're looking for a Redwall first edition, you'll want one of these.

Redwall, 1990 reprint

In 1990, the Redwall hardcover was reprinted by Hutchinson. The ISBN is the exact same, as is the jacket text. However, the price increases to £9.99. Additionally, the layout and structure of the copyright page changes.

Redwall, 1994 reprint

The 1994 reprint is a bit easier to tell than the previous two. The jacket copy has been completely rewritten, and the price has once again increased to £12.99. This jacket text will be later used in the Author's Limited Edition, which has no price listed in the jacket itself.

Like before, this copyright page is also different. This version, though, includes a list of published Redwall books through The Bellmaker. But yet again, this reprint has the exact same ISBN as the previous editions.

Can your UK Redwall collection be complete with any of these three? Certainly, it is a UK Redwall hardcover after all. But if you're looking for the original 1986 publication, a first edition of Redwall, or even all of these, it's going to take some serious work, as you never know what the booksellers really have until it arrives in your mailbox.

We should also note that there's a 1994 reprint of the UK edition of Mossflower as well, which also uses the exact same ISBN as the original book. It contains updated dust jacket copy that refers to the awards won by the novel, a £12.99 price, and a new Brian Jacques author biography and photo. Like the 1994 Redwall, it also lists the published books through The Bellmaker.

Happy hunting!

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