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Redwall Wiki | Brian Jacques and Redwall Information
Contributed by LordTBT at 1:06AM GMT, 17 October 2020


Redwall has made TIME Magazine's 100 Best Fantasy Books of All Time!

After putting together a panel of "leading fantasy authors" and staff members in 2019, TIME Magazine created a list of the "most engaging, inventive and influential works of fantasy fiction," which factored "originality, ambition, artistry, critical and popular reception, and influence on the fantasy genre and literature more broadly" into their ranking system.

It should be no surprise that Brian Jacques' Redwall made the cut.

TIME senior editor Lily Rothman writes:

"When the peaceful woodland creatures who make their home in a red sandstone abbey at the edge of Mossflower Woods find themselves besieged by a rat army, the brave mouse Matthias seeks out the sword that can save the day. And, with that, Brian Jacques begins to establish a world that would sustain the eponymous series through more than two dozen prequels, sequels and other tie-ins. Not only do these critters go on page-turning adventures, solve riddles alongside young readers and prepare feasts sumptuous enough to inspire a cookbook, they also possess rich inner lives. The moral framework of Redwall, a Carnegie Medal nominee, can sometimes be stark—the idea that some kinds of animals are generally good and others are bad is a central device—but its fantasy universe has a depth that rivals any mole’s best effort."

See the entire list here.

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