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  • I live in the merry old land of oz
  • I was born on March 20
  • My occupation is living the lax life
  • I am tony stark
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    Twin Moons

    February 21, 2015 by Warriorfan123

    Twin Moons

    Moonlight shone down on the figure of a hare. It carried with it a round form swathed in white cloth, two tiny ears poking out from the blankets. Snow crunched between the hare's paws as it loped along at a quick pace, bundle clutched tight to its chest. It seemed to be making for a dark shape perched on top of a snowy hill. As the hare neared, the shape enlarged to become a massive stone structure, encircled by a moat. The hare rushed to the edge, yelling out into the night.
    " Open up, 'tis only General Rockwing, bringin' Ol' King Rango 'is babe!"
    " Righto, mate!" the faint reply came. Rockwing nimbly leapt aside as a great wooden drawbridge slammed down with a thump! The hare leapt aboard the surface, running along it even as it wa…

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