Veil Sixclaw


Place of Origin:Unknown
Weapon: Ole Hoffy's knife, staff
Death: Killed by his father, Swartt Sixclaw
Appears: Outcast of Redwall

Veil Sixclaw was the son of evil ferret warlord Swartt Sixclaw and his wife Bluefen. Like Swartt, Veil had six claws on his left paw. While Swartt was traveling through Mossflower Woods, he was sidetracked by a group of woodlanders hoping to distract him from Redwall Abbey. The group of squirrels and otters were successful; however, Veil's nursemaid was killed and the infant became lost. Swartt, an uncaring beast, made no effort to look for him and moved on.

Skipperjo found the ferret infant abandoned and brought him back to the Abbey. He was named Veil by Bella of Brockhall. It was decided that Veil would be placed in the care of Bryony, a gentle young mousemaid, and her mole friend Togget. As Veil grew older, he continually became more and more difficult. He was untrustworthy, unlikable, and nasty to everyone. He had even showed signs of violence when he was a baby by biting everyone who dared to go near him. Veil often stole from others and denied doing it later. Eventually, in a move that shocked everyone at Redwall, he tried to poison Friar Bunfold, but ended up poisoning Myrtle. The poison Veil used stained his hands and could be washed off only by special solution. As he washed his paws he discovered it was a trap devised to reveal the culprit; he was caught and imprisoned in The Cellar while a decision was made regarding punishment.

It was decided by Bella that he would be banished from the Abbey. He was sent off and instructed never to return. Veil wandered into the woods, alone, while Bryony, who had looked after him like a mother, was held back, weeping.


Veil on the French edition of Outcast of Redwall

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Veil then went to seek out his father, Swartt. Unbeknownst to Veil, Bryony, along with her friend Togget, were following him. Veil made his way to Bat Mountpit, where he finally met up with Swartt. Swartt and his son, however, quickly grew to hate one another, ultimately attempting to kill each other. After Swartt had captured Sunflash, Veil went to the top of the mountain and fought Swartt. Bryony tried to free Sunflash during the fight, but Swartt threw a javelin at her. Veil threw himself in front of the javelin. Fatally wounded, he died shortly afterward in Bryony's arms.

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