Species: Rat
Place of Origin: Unknown
Gender: Male
Weapon: A stick
Death: Killed when he was struck by the bolas of Slagar the Cruel
Appears: Mattimeo
Voice(s): Jake Goldsbie (Mattimeo)
TV Series: Season 2

Vitch was a young rat in Slagar the Cruel's gang who was accepted into Redwall Abbey because of his small size. The Redwallers thought he was a young mouse, and because of this, he was able to spy, though Mattimeo was suspicious of his true identity.

None of the Abbey's children liked him, notably Mattimeo. Vitch angered him enough to provoke him into a fight. When they were kidnapped by Slagar, Vitch constantly taunted the captive young ones.

Vitch from the Redwall TV Series

When Mattimeo, Sam Squirrel, Tess Churchmouse, Tim Churchmouse, Auma, Jube Stump and Cynthia Bankvole were hiding underwater, Vitch and Browntooth were told to search the river. He was reluctant to search, but went anyways. Mattimeo stabbed Vitch in the foot with a small dagger.

Upon arrival at the Kingdom of Malkariss, Slagar offered the unwilling Vitch servitude in the ranks of black-robed rats. However, since he was not born to be one, he was instead made a slave.

After Malkariss's Kingdom collapsed underground, Vitch was able to get out alive. Before he could escape, he was killed by Slagar, who threw his bolas at the rat, choking him to death. His body was lowered into a pit and buried by Orlando the Axe.

Personality and traits

Vitch was a pathetic bully who would seize any opportunity to taunt and torment those who could not defend themselves. The young rat was, however, notoriously weak and cowardly, which meant he would usually flee from a real fight. He saw Slagar as a friend and mentor, believing that the slavedriver cared for him. This was proven false when Slagar gave him to the blackrobes as a slave and later murdered him.

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