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Captain Vizka Longtooth


Species: Fox
Place of Origin: Unknown
Gender: Male
Weapon: Mace and Chain, Sword of Martin (temporarily)
Death: Spine snapped by Gorath the Flame
Appears: Eulalia!

Vizka Longtooth was the cunning fox captain of the Sea Raider vessel Bludgullet, and the brother of Codj. He had golden fur and a pair of over-sized fangs, the latter of which gave him his name. Vizka wielded a mace-and-chain for a weapon, and later he briefly took possession of the Sword of Martin. He was known for his infamous smile, which usually meant that a creature was about to die.

Vizka was introduced when he raided the home of Gorath the Flame on the Northern Isles. He took Gorath as a captive aboard the Bludgullet, chaining him to the mast and starving him. Attempting to take advantage of Gorath's Bloodwrath, he figured that if he could somehow "tame" the badger and wield his amazing combat skill, then there would be no worries about casualties being inflicted upon him and his crew when in battle. However, his plot failed when Gorath refused to give in despite being tortured and starved, and later escaped with his newfound friend, Orkwil Prink.

After hearing about Redwall Abbey from the ship's cook, Glurma, Vizka decided to conquer it. However, his plans again went awry, and all he ended up taking was the Sword of Martin from Magger, who had stolen it from a Grumpy Watervole, who had in turn stolen it from Redwall. With this new weapon, Vizka grew very confident and joined forces with Gruntan Kurdly's Brownrat horde to attack Gorath and the badger's new friends.

Eventually, the Redwallers forced the combatants to flee; Vizka ran back to the Bludgullet with his crew, but, after he killed two of them for no apparent reason, they deserted him. When he finally arrived at his vessel, Vizka found Gorath already aboard, waiting for him. The two engaged in a duel, in which Gorath defeated the fox, snapping his spine and throwing his body into the River Moss.