Distinguishing Features:N/A
Captain(s):Conva, and later Romsca
Destruction:Burned by Martin II
Appears in:Pearls of Lutra

The Waveworm was a ship originally captained by Conva for Ublaz Mad Eyes. As Captain, Conva sailed to Holt Lutra and massacred the otter tribe with his crew, stealing the Tears of all Oceans.

Two of his crew members, Graylunk and Flairnose, deceived him and stole the pearls, forcing Conva to return to Sampetra empty handed.

Ublaz killed Conva for his failure, promoting his former first mate Romsca to captain of the vessel.

Romsca sailed the Waveworm with Lask Frildur to Mossflower Woods, in another unsuccessful attempt to retrieve the pearls. On the return voyage to Sampetra, the corsair crew battled the monitor lizards of Frildur, and ended up killing each other.

Abbot Durral was captured by the crew in Mossflower, and ended up sailing into Sampetra alone.

The Waveworm was later burned by Martin II.

Crew of the Waveworm