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Note: This article is about The Wearet. If you are looking for a Wearat, see here.

The Wearet

The Wearet

Species: Wearet
Place of Origin: Unknown
Gender: Male
Weapon: Giant Spear, Net
Death: Killed by Orlando the Axe
Appears: Mattimeo
TV Series: Season 2

The Wearet is a weasel-ferret crossbreed species, and described as having no ears and hardly any neck, with stained teeth and sinew and muscle standing out of his body like cords. He had no known name, and worked as a slavemaster for Malkariss.

His weapon of choice was a net, which was destroyed in battle with Matthias, and a giant stabbing spear. The Wearet has the distinction of being one of the only villains to defeat a Redwall warrior. He defeated Matthias after a brutal battle by knocking him over a ledge. He was killed by Orlando the Axe soon after.


  • According to Brian Jacques, "The Wearet is an invention of my own, a cross breed animal which is evil and unpleasant. So, like were-wolf I wanted it to sound bad" (from Ask Brian, Volume 2). In response to another reader who "tried to figure [the Wearet and other species] out but I couldn't", Brian replied "You must allow me some mysteries; they are what they are!" (from Ask Brian, Volume 3)

The Wearet from the Redwall TV Series.