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The Welcome to Redwall Sampler was published in 2000 to introduce new readers to the Redwall series by Brian Jacques. The short publication included chapter excerpts from Redwall, Martin the Warrior, Mattimeo, and Mariel of Redwall. At the time of publication, it could be found in book stores, where it was given away for free. The Welcome to Redwall Sampler is now out of print and only available at online retailers.

Official Summary[]

Enter the fantastic world of Brian Jacques's New York Times bestselling series - and discover a land of unimaginable dangers and unlikely heroes. In the forest refuge of Redwall Abbey, valiant mouse warriors and woodland creatures must fight to protect their home from vicious foxes, rate pirates, and weasel armies. Their struggles are epic. Their stories are timeless. And their courage is the stuff of legend.


Excerpts from four Redwall books to entice the reader are included in this booklet.


The Redwall excerpt included Chapters 1-7.

Peaceful Redwall Abbey is threatened by the dreaded Cluny, a fierce one-eyed rat who has vowed to conquer the Abbey. But a brave young apprentice named Matthias will rise up and fight back!

Martin the Warrior[]

The Martin the Warrior excerpt included Chapters 1-3.

Here is the story of Martin the Warrior, who led his fellow beasts to victory over Badrang the Tyrant and became Redwall's greatest hero.


The Mattimeo excerpt included Chapters 2-5.

Slagar the Cruel is a mysterious masked fox with a grudge against the creatures of Redwall Abbey- and a terrible plan to take his revenge.

Mariel of Redwall[]

The Mariel of Redwall excerpt included Chapters 1, 3, and 5.

Mariel and her father are captured and thrown overboard by Gabool the Wild, vicious pirate king of the searats. But they survive to find a home at Redwall Abbey, and to make Gabool pay for his crimes!