Wild Ivy

Wild Ivy

Species: Mouse
Place of Origin: Unknown
Gender: Female
Weapon: Throwing knives
Death: Unknown
TV Series: Season 1
"Fate is what you decide to do next."
—Wild Ivy

Wild Ivy was a character featured in the Redwall TV Series episode Cluny's Clowns. She was created by Nelvana, and was not in the book Redwall or any other novels in the series.

Ivy was a mousemaid knifethrower in a traveling circus, and kept all of her knives, which she had been given by her father, in a belt around her waist. She had a rather feisty personality and her skill at knifethrowing intrigued Matthias. At first, many of the Redwallers were suspicious of her, but soon, it is discovered that she was an ally, and Ivy helped to fend off the attacking rats when they try to enter Redwall Abbey.

When she left, Ivy gave Cornflower her vividly purple coat, saying it was a circus tradition. Throughout the episode, it was implied or suggested that Ivy was psychic. Wild Ivy makes some predictions for Matthias. Before she walks out of the Abbey gate, she tells him she was wrong to try and predict his future.

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