The Witherspyk Performing Players, also known as the Performing Witherspyk Company, was a traveling group of performers led by Oakheart Witherspyk, consisting of mainly his family. They sailed on a raft called the Streamlass, which had a boathouse in the center of it, a misspelled sign for a sail, and clotheslines for rigging.

After Oakheart dozed off at the tiller and allowed the Streamlass to run aground, Rikkle determined that the raft was too tightly jammed for their little crew to move, and that they would have to sit tight and wait for assistance. Shortly thereafter, the players were joined by Buckler Kordyne, Diggs, and Flib, who spent the night while pondering what to do about the boat.

Flib, Jiddle, and Jinty were kidnapped during the night by The Sable Quean's Ravagers; before any of the troupe could decide what to do about the matter, Jango Bigboat and his tribe of Guosim showed up, freed the raft, and suggested the troupe follow their fleet to Redwall Abbey, where they could better discuss what to do about the missing young ones. After arriving at the Abbey, the Players and half the Guosim joined the residents as wallguards, while the other half of the Guosim went with Buckler and Diggs to rescue the babes.

At first, thanks to friction between Oakheart and a rebellious shrew named Divvery, there was disorganization and disruption among the wallguards; however, Abbess Marjoram sorted out the problem by relieving Divvery of his duties and relocating him to cleaning duty. Oakheart and his troupe later came up with clever dummies to make the walltops seem as if they were guarded by giants, hopefully to hold the enemy at bay; however, more friction ensued when Oakheart was left alone on the wall in a rainstorm, his troupe using the dummies as replacements while they sneaked in for a meal.

After the Prisoners were freed, the Ravagers attacked the Abbey. The Players joined in this final battle, many of them (most notably Trajidia) helping to hold the foe off. After the Ravagers' defeat, the Players decided to give up wandering and join the Abbey as permanent residents.



The Witherspyk Performing Players appear in The Sable Quean.