Year Published: 1972
Illustrator: John Watkins
Page Count: 64
ISBN: ISBN 0859770044

Yennoworrameanlike front cover


Yennoworrameanlike back cover

Yennoworrameanlike was the second published work of Brian Jacques. It was produced by Anvil Press and published by Raven Books in July 1972.

John Watkins provides illustrations; black and white photographs also appear on some pages. It is a collection of poetry, and appears in four major special collections at the British Library, Oxford, Trinity College and the National Library of Scotland. The forward is by Fotis Mestheneos, Director for Aegean Films, who claims to be a friend of Jacques.

The book is currently out of print; original price was £0.45p, or roughly $1. It is in paperback form, and credited to "J. B. Jacques".

The front cover photograph is of Mr. Jacques himself, credited to "Dog Ends International". The back cover is a picture of the Mersey ferry.


Yennoworrameanlike is a collection of poetry. The selections "Bible Lost in the Wilderness", "Noah's Dream", "David 'n Goliath", and "Jonah an' the Whale" would later make their way into According to Jacques.

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